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Our illustrator will attend and illustrate your online meeting and share the final image with you FREE

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A FREE step-by-step guide to how to write a great animation script

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A FREE link to how to get £7,000 of Advertising Credit for Nonprofits PER MONTH

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A list of my favourite inexpensive voiceover artists available online (only ones we've worked with successfully)

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Cheat sheet of how to record great voiceovers using your smartphone

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A guide for how to expertly record video using your smartphone

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A google doc of my favourite christian illustrators you can hire

FREE: Our secret trick to make translating animated videos 90% faster (£250)
A google doc containing a trick to share with your animators to make translating on-screen text efficient

FREE Ultimate Animator Expectations to share with Freelance Animators (Value £1,000)
This document will ensure your chosen supplier uses the highest quality and most efficient project workflow

FREE Ultimate Video Production Brief Template (Value £250)
A video production brief including my top questions to ask when creating an animated video

FREE Ultimate brief to share with voiceover artists you plan to record (£150)
Tried and tested over the years to ensure the highest quality recording

FREE Library of FREE Royalty free music (Value £500)
Download dozens for free royalty free music options from our personal library

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This is someone we've used in many projects and they do amazing bespoke music tracks for animations.


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